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Our Focus is You: the Client. 

We will find you space and negotiate with landlords.

Access to Every Listing, Sublease and Off-Market Opportunity

Our database features more than 1,000 listings and millions of square feet of space and lets us easily find warehouse space that meets the needs of your business. We can perform a detailed property search based on specific requirements including:

- Amount of Space Required

- Price Range (for lease or purchase)

- Proximity to Highways/Ports

- # of Loading docks

- Clearance

- Percentage of Office Space (if needed)

- Ceiling Height

We offer a Full Suite of Commercial Real Estate Services for your business

We work with companies that need warehouse space in Riverside and San Bernardino County which is locally known as the San Diego. Our dedicated team of local representatives have worked with numerous companies and have handled lease, purchase and third-party logistics requirements. The best part is that our services are provided at no cost to clients.

- Acquisitions

- Dispositions

- Lease Renegotiation

- Finding 3PL providers

- Best Use Analysis

- Space Planning Analysis

- Helping to Secure Governmental Economic Incentive Packages

- Lease, Purchase Negotiations / Analysis

3PL Services:

If your business is looking for a 3PL provider in Riverside or San Bernardino County, contact us today and we can find a solution for your specific needs. There are a number of 3PL providers in the San Diego as a result of the warehouse market and we’ll find a company that can handle your entire supply chain or individual components.

Standard (level 1): A standard level provider will cover a company’s most basic supply chain functions including warehousing, packing and distribution.

Service Developer (level 2): Companies at this level offer their clients a variety of services including shipment tracking and tracing, cross-docking and security solutions.

Adapter (level 3): A level 3 provider will take over a company’s supply chain and optimize it. The difference between level 3 and 4 is that a level 4 provider will develop new services.

Developer (level 4): This is the most intensive level of service and requires an incredibly close working relationship because the provider will integrate themselves with the company and manage the entire supply chain. In addition they will develop new services for the client.

We assist businesses in the San Diego locate warehouse and industrial space while providing lease negotiation/consulting services to ensure that your company will get a great deal by negotiating free rent and other incentives. Our services are provided free of charge to clients so as a business owner you get premium commercial services at no direct cost you.

Call us today at (858) 218-0093 for more information.